Impressions of the BRA Day 2018

On the 13th of June 2018 , 15 fellows from all around Europe met with their sparring partners, corporate and DLT experts for a full workshop in Berlin - to present and discuss their ongoing research. 


The Foundation recently announced a partnership with Untitled Inc.and the Blockchain-Research-Accelerator. Untitled INC is a distributed economy think tank with experienced professionals engaging in multiple interesting blockchain projects at the moment. One of the most promising initiatives is the Blockchain-Research-Accelerator, a non for profit organization that brings together Researchers, Industry Experts and Blockchain Experts. 

Representing ZenCash I recently had the honor of being invited to the Blockchain Research Accelerator (BRA) in Berlin. All this started when I stumbled upon a great article last year, namely the “Token Classification Framework” put together by the Untitled-Inc Distributed Economy Think Tank and Ventures. I was curious what they were all about and contacted them with my questions. Ever since I had great contact with them and especially one of their co-founders, Peter. When I was invited to be a guest at their event I was pretty happy and excited.



What? Mode Who
BRA Day Welcome Talk, Standup Peter Milan Trapp
"Getting up to speed in Blockchain Research" Interactive Talk mit integrierter Q&A Constantin Ketz
Deutsche Bahn in Blockchain Talk Matthias Fröhlich
Q&A Q&A aus Plenum Matthias Fröhlich
Develop & Deploy a Solution with the NEM Blockchain

- Introduction to NEM Blockchain & Comparison to Others

- NEM's Main-Features & Capabilities

- Develop & Deploy a solution for a specific use case

Istvan Deak & Julian Richter (NEM)
Coffee Break

Fellow presentation & feedback

Research Overview & Deep Dive

Participants Moderation: Daniel Pietsch/ Peter
Lunch Break Lunch
Fellow presentation & feedback Moderation: Daniel Pietsch/ Peter
Interactive Deep Dive & Networking Round Tables (=World Cafe Format) Moderation: Thomas Euler
Coffee Break
Blockchain for international development Talk Alexander von Brühl-Pohl
Blockchain Capital Berlin Panel

Dr. Oliver Krause

Daniel Pichler

Boat trip