The first publication by Kaspar Semerl, a Batch 2018 Fellow is coming soon!

Kaspar Semerl

About the author: Kaspar Semerl is a Masters student in International Management at WU Vienna and member of the global CEMS Master in Management program. This working paper is a summary of the findings of his thesis project which he conducted in collaboration with Luvent Consulting and the Blockchain Research Accelerator. You can contact him via LinkedIn.

This publication summarizes the findings of my research project on how blockchain can contribute to the facilitation of cross-border trade processes. With the help of Luvent Consulting and the Blockchain Research Accelerator we have been able to set up a qualitative use case analysis on issues in trade processes in the East African Northern Corridor and thereby evaluate how blockchain could help mitigating these issues.


Out of 142 Application form all over the world 30 were choosen to take part in the BRA batch 2018. 14 made it to Berlin to the BRA Day to present there research and findings to Experts and there fellow participants. Here are the 14 fellows - who took part in the BRA Day and made it a great Event.

Name Topic
Anirudh Rao Decentralized Clothing Stores of the Future
Nathan Vandy GDPR meets the Blockchain
Pablo Morán Collantes Blockchain Applications in Peer to Peer Energy Trading Marketplaces
Ferdinand Regner How can NFT be use to tokenize durable luxury goods
Kaspar Semerl Blockchain –a potential technological revolution?
Olha Kravchenko Distributed ledger technology in securities payment, clearing and settlement
Dom Stephen Potential feasibility of applying blockchain solutions to renewable energy
Paulo Figueiredo Blockchain Identity Management
Valentyna Kondratenko Blockchain Rgulation
Noémie Dié Token value / human capital / Intangible asset valuation
Miroslav Stipović Blockchain technology regarding development of decentralized business models
Nika London Blockchain Innovation
Divy Damani Crypto Asset Investment Consultancy
Karim Ajouaou Saidi Valuation of Crypto Assets – a conceptual framework and case application